UPS Trackpad ®


Empower and optimize your company’s receiving and delivery functions with UPS Trackpad.
  • Track packages seamlessly
  • Follow critical documents within your organization
  • Optimize routes for your delivery personnel
  • Develop audit trails for sensitive deliveries
  • Automate security controls and notifications
  • Create parcel visibility throughout your organization
  • Minimize calls to mailroom professionals
  • Quickly search for—and find—misplaced packages with robust Trackpad search features
  • Automate inbound and delivery functions
  • Minimize frustrations of not knowing where an urgent package is
  • Streamline many mailroom functions and inventory processes
UPS Trackpad is the only complete package tracking solution that gives you customized tracking ability from the package’s true origin to its final destination—and everywhere in between.
  • Capture critical parcel information at inception
  • Follow the parcel through your organization
  • Follow the parcel through its outbound process
  • With UPS Trackpad Online, you can track parcels throughout the global UPS transportation network
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